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Nada Associates, a color design consultant, brings to clients strong backgrounds and success in both design and marketing. This combination of disciplines greatly benefits our clients' bottom lines. At Nada Associates, you do not get "off the shelf" or standardized information and reports. Instead, as color design consultants, each consulting program is customized to your specific needs. We only work to your goals, your objectives and your profits.

The following list of services is to provide you with some starting points and general ideas of the kinds of color and design consulting services that are available.
If you are unsure of which areas you desire our assistance, let us help you learn more about what we as color designers can do for YOU. Contact us.

Strategic Design Program
A comprehensive strategic color design program which evaluates your products, your goals, your marketing and your customers needs; and develops appropriate product strategies to maximize your profit opportunities.

Market Overview or Analysis
This can range from a general overview of your product or industry all the way to a major examination of an entire sector as a whole; focusing on product categories, specific industries or general color and design trends and their development.

Forecasting or Trend Analysis
Color and Design - a report identifying color or design directions for consumer and home furnishings product areas. This can be cursory or a full and comprehensive look into the coming years of color design trends.

Product Line Development
As a color design consultant we evaluate current product lines and works with you to determine new product lines that can maximize the use of current materials --textiles, ceramics, plastics, papers, etc.

Product Line Review & Analysis
From a color design perspective, we provide simple review and general analysis of your current line or a line already in development for the purpose of identifying voids, but not detailing specifics.

Design Development
After a product line review, this further defines potential areas of design, provides the design direction for development and includes the procurement of specific designs through to final development and product approvals.

Color Line Development
After a product line review, this phase further defines your potential areas of color design needs and executes a successful color line all the way from specifying recommended color design direction through to final development and product approvals.

SKU Reduction Recommendation
This phase is mostly incorporated with the product and color line development since color deletions often leave voids; but as color designers we can address this phase as the "objective" to eliminate additional unprofitable inventories.

A highly rated speaker for many industry events, we provide a "Trend Tracking" program which illustrates to attendees how they can track trends to better understand and predict future color and design directions.

Marketing Direction
This is a broad, yet extremely important area of fulfilling the success of your new or existing designs. One of our main strengths is to communicate to your creative staff or agency in a way that allows them a creative freedom; yet channels their efforts toward a most successful direction. We call it Design Parameters -- creative types love us.

Marketing Direction is a part of the Strategic Design Program; yet can be done in any marketing or merchandising area such as:

comprehensive marketing programs addressing all facets
catalogs or sampling programs
point of purchase and retail displays
trade show exhibits
public relations programs
advertising or direct marketing

Market Research
(As it relates to product marketing design or development) -- We work with you to evaluate your goals and provide a needs assessment, which is necessary in determining the method of research most appropriate and most beneficial for your goals. Design parameters are then developed to provide directions for focus group or research method. In some instances, we also conduct informal focus groups for product design feedback.

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