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Nada On Color Schemes
Finding the right colors for you and your home. Looking to bring some color into your environment, but not sure where to start? Try your closet, suggests color consultant Nada Rutka.

"We're seeing products of mixed metals and stone Influence," she says, "that natural, pebbly effect. And with the new millennium people are looking for ways to relax and bring their lives into greater harmony and balance. This means colors that are on the cool side of the palette, colors that are calming and spiritual."

"Ties and socks have been men's fashion statement, the only opportunity they have to wear color. Men are more open to color now because of the popularity of casual Fridays in the workplace. It gives men an opportunity to make their fashion statement. This provides a manufacturer the opportunity to look at color as more gender-neutral," Rutka explains. The economy has affected the retail industry and lines are consolidating.

Colour Design is NOT magic, crystal ball gazing, lucky guessing, or what is "in". Colour design takes colour beyond the aesthetic to being an integral part of the marketing plan. Colour Design is a discipline or method of working with, creating or selecting specific colors to improve the saleability, function or quality of a product through aesthetics or decorative composition. It is the business of Colour. No other design field so focuses on Colour or has the in-depth understanding of color and its effects.

Color sells. As the founder and principal of Nada Associates, a Southpointe-based color, design and marketing consulting firm, itís Rutkaís business to understand how color influences peopleís decisions.

It is the primary reason people buy a product", said Ms. Napoletan Rutka. "Recognizing that color can be used as a strategic marketing tool, can add profit to the bottom line", she said. "If a company invests in using the right color for its product, then consumers will buy it."

. . . says colors used in packaging can psychologically influence consumer purchases. "What color can do is communicate the values or strengths or image of a product or the company," said Rutka.

Nada On What Influences Color
Overall, consumers are seeking a sophisticated simplicity, trying to balance everyday living while aspiring for a more harmonious lifestyle. There are many factors influencing society today--the environment, ethnic cultures, the coming millennium and the economy, to name a few. For a vision of the color directions for 2000, we will simply interweave these factors into a mosaic of color.

Nada On Value Colors
"Consumers will continue to look for value colors--colors that are not trendy--for items with real classic style," predicts Nada Napoletan Rutka, president of Nada Associates, a color, design and marketing consultant. She foresees a move to understated elegance and casual, livable simplicity. "Light neutrals with a lot of color rather than just beiges support the theme," says Rutka.

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