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Nada Associates professionally performs all work in concert with your corporate goals and directives, to assure you of the successful execution of your creative programs. This success is best attributed to a sensitivity to the company's needs and objectives; an ability to derive the most dynamic results achievable; plus the constant attention and contribution to your bottom line.

High-end motorized window shading systems. Created an entirely new product line for the Residential Collection of 100+ decorative window shade fabrics targeted to the high-end residential and hospitality marketplace for motorized roller shades.

Early results: Immediate orders and designers high praise for the Collection's variety, on-trend colors and designs offered.


This project created an innovative line of colors, translucent finishes and stone textures for the Diva dimmer collection targeted to designers and decorating home centers in 2000.

Results: The line met with great acceptance and interest at the designer trade shows and introductions. It is a major distinction among lighting controls and a drawing point for the product line.

We have updated the color line several times since and are planning another update soon.

Worked with Proctor & Gamble's FutureWorks group (both technical and marketing) to create colors and designs for a totally new product concept for the residential marketplace, Bella & Birch (patterned paint on a roll). The work entailed assessing color and design trends, creating the technical product design architecture, the aesthetic product design strategy and then creating on-trend patchable non-directional designs and colors to meet a very tight set of product design parameters from conception through test marketing.

Results: A highly successful test market and approximately a dozen new patterns and designs available for the new product launch.

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