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Nada Associates professionally performs all work in concert with your corporate goals and directives, to assure you of the successful execution of your creative programs. This success is best attributed to a sensitivity to the company's needs and objectives; an ability to derive the most dynamic results achievable; plus the constant attention and contribution to your bottom line.

The project was to create a process of making Waverly fabrics into pleated shades and creating a merchandising device which communicates the product effectively and cross merchandises the new product with existing Waverly programs.

Results: Reduction in sku for the company and a greater opportunity for and ease of design coordination of products for the architectural and interior design community.

Commercial partition products for the institutional and hospitality markets

Challenge: To update existing offering of solid colors and possibly new marble colorways. However during the research phase of design trends we found an opportunity to create a new aesthetic design direction of stone finishes

Results: This innovation for Comtec produced a highly successful launch of new colors, immediate sales for the stone finishes, significant sales increase and up tick in Comtec product specifications.


 Norelco Photo

A market analysis and trend forecast to the year 2000; including the men's market and specific recommendations and selections of color applications for the high-end men's razor line.

Results: an innovative global colorline reflecting the corporate goals for the products, while meeting great market success.


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