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Color and Design Consultants for Business and Industry
Nada Associates, a color, design and marketing consultancy, is well qualified to understand the business of Color. As color designers, we provide our clients with a variety of fresh and innovative solutions to their design and marketing challenges. Essentially, we take the guess work out of color selection for manufacturers and marketers. Through effective Color and Strategic Design programs, we can enhance our clients' bottom line performance. Let us help you color your bottom line profitably.

Client Portfolio
From color design solutions for Norelco's electric shavers, to product design development for Waverly's pleated shades, to complete Strategic Design and marketing programs for Heatwave's microwaveable products, Nada Associates is uniquely qualified to assist clients across many industries to solve their color marketing decisions. Please review a sample of products we have helped to sell better through color design.
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 Color of the Month Photo Color of the Month
From a color designer's perspective, each month Nada Associates examines a different color to explore its psychological and societal values and to understand its historical as well as present and future significance.

Nada In The Press
When the Wall Street Journal needs a color design expert to quote or interview on color marketing they call Nada, color designer extraordinaire. Forbes, Entrepreneur, Communication Arts and many other consumer publications have called on Nada Associates to help shed some light on today's color trends and forecasting.
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The Challenge
Illustrating specifically how Nada Associates works is quite difficult due to the confidential nature of a client-consultant relationship. However, every so often a situation presents itself to provide some insight into how we, as color designers, work to provide the most for you. If you are a manufacturer or marketer, we are providing a true case that will be interesting for you to read, more intriguing if you participate, and even more rewarding (free consulting) if you are the first to be correct. Are you up for the challenge?

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